Terms & Conditions

The domain of the mobile app/game platform belongs to GALACTIC SHEEP, UNIPESSOAL LDA, which is responsible for its operation and management.

The use of the Mobile App by third parties means acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Use (“T&Cs”) by its users.

1. Access to the Mobile App / game platform

GALACTIC SHEEP, UNIPESSOAL LDA as the owner of the Mobile App/game platform, may, at any time, bar access to third parties, namely for the purpose of repair or maintenance. In addition, GALACTIC SHEEP, UNIPESSOAL LDA will have the right to close it down at any time, if any circumstance occurs that, in its opinion, justifies such an action.

2. Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights over the game are the exclusive property of Galactic Sheep as its producer.

GALACTIC SHEEP, UNIPESSOAL LDA owns the copyright on all texts, drawings, images, graphics, and other content that are arranged in the mobile app/game platform, except for music, whose copyright belongs to its composer, Rui Massena (under license from Universal Music Portugal. All rights reserved.), while GALACTIC SHEEP, UNIPESSOAL LDA holds the master rights (physical and digital). Users are not authorized to reproduce, copy, alter, sell, or use these without obtaining prior written authorization from GALACTIC SHEEP, UNIPESSOAL LDA.

The PLANET FREE trademark is registered and protected.

3. Privacy and processing of personal data

The data or personal information provided by users that may undergo changes must be updated by the users themselves.

Without prejudice, the privacy of mobile app users is of particular concern to GALACTIC SHEEP, UNIPESSOAL LDA. Therefore, we have approved a Privacy Policy where the general principles applicable to the collection and processing of personal data are specified and we will strictly comply with that Policy.

Reading these terms of service and accepting them implies the reading and prior acceptance of the Privacy and Personal Data Policy.

4. Third-party Links

The Planet Free gamified mobile platform managed by GALACTIC SHEEP, UNIPESSOAL LDA may provide, through hyperlinks, access to third-party websites, namely, the e-commerce sites of partners/brands that offer vouchers or discounts within the scope of the game.

However, as such websites are not controlled or operated by GALACTIC SHEEP, UNIPESSOAL LDA, our Terms and Conditions of Use do not apply to them. Therefore, GALACTIC SHEEP, UNIPESSOAL LDA is not responsible for the content of the terms and conditions of use of third-party websites.

5. Game mechanics

The attribution by brands of discounts, vouchers and rewards, namely for the purchase of products and services directly in physical stores and/or e-commerce platforms of these brands on Planet Free, is subject to the stock communicated during of the game mission. Discounts, vouchers and rewards are awarded in the order in which the vouchers/prizes are obtained by users, when they are redeemed.

It may happen that the user has enough points for a certain prize/voucher, but the prize has run out. In the case where hundreds or thousands of players compete for a prize with a stock of few units, the winner(s) may win by seconds, or even fractions of a second, the prize/voucher compared to the best scoring user other than the came to win.

If the situation in the previous point occurs, the user who did not win the prize/voucher will be able to use the points on other prizes and/or vouchers for the same mission that are still available, within the ongoing mission.

When the mission ends, the remaining mission points will not be used for subsequent missions, even if they are missions of the same brand, so that all players who enter a new mission have equal opportunities in relation to it.

Planet Free reserves the right, in an ongoing mission, when restocks discounts, vouchers and rewards, to change the minimum number of mission points necessary to earn the respective discounts, vouchers and rewards replenished.

Planet Free reserves the right to limit the maximum number of virtual game currencies that the user can have at any given time. This limitation will always cover all users equally, from the moment a new limit is fixed.

6. Prevention of Fraud, Fraud and Misuse

No more than one registered user per device will be allowed.

Users who have strong suspicions of inappropriate behavior in the game will be blocked, namely:

  • Multiple registrations and/or logins on the same device
  • Multiple registrations on different devices, competing for the same missions
  • Using cell phone emulators
  • Use of systems that simulate player actions (bots)
  • Use of GPS simulators to move around in the game, thus gaining an advantage over other users
  • Fulfillment of missions in less time than possible in accordance with the minimum time required to complete them

Galactic Sheep reserves the right to report suspicious situations to the authorities.

Galactic Sheep reserves the right to cancel prizes obtained in a suspicious manner, namely through the situations identified above and/or others;

Galactic Sheep further reserves the right to cancel accounts of users who use inappropriate, abusive and/or offensive language in the game or on Planet Free Social Media or with reference to Planet Free, including inappropriate user-id names or in the e-mails associated with the game. Cancellations imply the cancellation of associated vouchers and/or prizes.

7. Complaints about deliveries.

Complaints regarding prize deliveries will not be accepted after 30 calendar days from the end date of the mission where the prize was won, unless a different deadline is stipulated in the conditions of the voucher itself.

8. Entities involved and not involved.

Apple and Google are NOT involved in any way with the contests, sweepstakes and rewards.

9. Changes to the Terms of Service

GALACTIC SHEEP, UNIPESSOAL LDA reserves the right to make any necessary changes to these Terms of Service. Whenever this happens, those changes will be published in the mobile app.

10. Alternative Dispute Resolution

In the event of a dispute, the consumer may resort to the Alternative Dispute Resolution entities identified on the Consumer's Portal — www.consumidor.pt — or Online Consumer Dispute Resolution entities identified on website https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr.

Current alternative dispute resolution entities are as follows:

CNIACC - Centro Nacional de Informação e Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo (National Consumers' Dispute Information and Arbitration Centre)

Generalized scope

E-mail: cniacc@unl.pt

Website: http://www.arbitragemdeconsumo.org