Privacy and Personal Data Policy

This Privacy Policy aims to protect the privacy of all those who use the Planet Free gamified platform (hereinafter, the "game"), which can be downloaded through the App Store or Google Play and whose domain belongs to GALACTIC SHEEP, UNIPESSOAL LDA., informing them of how their personal data will be collected and processed.

The Planet Free gamified platform will be a platform that will allow interaction with prestigious brands around the world, enabling its users, through use of the platform and/or fulfilment of certain missions and challenges, to earn discounts, win vouchers and rewards, namely for the acquisition of products and services directly in physical stores and/or e-commerce platforms belonging to these brands. GALACTIC SHEEP will have no link whatsoever to the purchases made, namely with regards to stock depletion, delivery failures, manufacturing defects, service problems, and others; these problems are entirely the responsibility of the associated brands of the Planet Free gamified platform.

A GALACTIC SHEEP, UNIPESSOAL LDA undertakes to comply with the applicable legislation in this matter, in particular the rules contained in the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), approved by regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 27 April 2016.

Therefore, please carefully read this policy and, if you have any questions related to the exercise of your rights in this matter, be sure to contact us. You can do so by writing to and providing details of your query.

GALACTIC SHEEP, UNIPESSOAL LDA through the real-world augmented reality platform designed to allow the user to interact in shared worlds, seamlessly blended into the real world, requires certain personal information from the user. Protecting your privacy is very important to us. We only use your information when we have a legal basis to do so.

The use of the game platform by persons under 16 years of age is presumed to result from the consent of their legal representatives, and the minor user declares that he or she acts with their knowledge and consent.

Unless otherwise specified, all data requested by this gaming platform is mandatory and failure to provide the data may make it impossible for GALACTIC SHEEP UNIPESSOAL, LDA to provide its services.

These data are collected: i) through registration on the game platform, or ii) through registration for sending communications related to the game, or iii) through information requested for the direct delivery of the prizes to the user's address, for which the necessary data will have to be collected for delivery to the partner brand, responsible for awarding the prize or the respective logistics company contracted by the partner brand for the prize delivery. This data will be stored on the platform for future use.

The continued use of the gaming platform after publication of changes to the Privacy Policy will imply acceptance of the Policy.

Finally, please note that providing your personal data while using the mobile app implies knowledge and acceptance of the conditions contained in this Privacy Policy, which is also complemented by our Cookie Policy.

  1. Personal data

    Under the GDPR, "personal data" means any "information relating to an identified or identifiable physical person ("data subject"); an identifiable physical person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, electronic identifiers or to one or more specific features of that physical person's physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural, or social identity;".

  2. Personal data controller

    The data controller for personal data that may be transmitted in the context of the use of the platform, regardless of its nature or ownership, will always be GALACTIC SHEEP, UNIPESSOAL LDA.

    The data processors whom GALACTIC SHEEP, UNIPESSOAL LDA may use will implement all the appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the personal data transmitted to them, in order to ensure that the rights and interests of data subjects are protected.

    Without prejudice to the above, it should be noted that GALACTIC SHEEP, UNIPESSOAL LDA will not be subject to the privacy policy of Users to whose external website the mobile app may redirect and is therefore not responsible for any information that may be made available through such external sites.

  3. Collection and processing of personal data

    Whenever the User wishes to access the Planet Free gamified platform, certain data will be collected, namely, user name; email address; age, and gender.

    Also in the allocation of certain prizes and rewards, whose delivery is directly to the user's address, or on a platform of a partner brand, in which the user is registered, or has to register with a unique identification, to receive the prize, the necessary data for delivery will be collected, namely address, telephone contact and fiscal number.

    The purposes underlying the collection and processing of data can be found in point 7 of this Policy.

  4. Transfers of personal data

    In certain cases, the personal data transmitted by Users of the game platform may be transferred to other entities that provide services to GALACTIC SHEEP, UNIPESSOAL LDA and which may operate outside the European Union, and this is accepted by the User when he or she decides to start the game.
    The transfer of personal data is not passed on to partner brands, and the level of protection of the gaming platform users' personal data is not compromised. The data collected will only be disclosed in an anonymized form as statistics. Exception to the data necessary for partner brands and/or respective logistics operators to be able to deliver the prizes or rewards won by the user to the user's address, only for rewards subject to that delivery method, which will be duly explained in the prize to be awarded. The data transmitted to partner brands will be governed by their own GDPR rules, with Galactic Sheep being responsible only for the data it maintains in its systems and the user accepting the assignment of these rights.
    In the specific case of transfer of personal data to entities located in the United States of America, we guarantee that they comply with the principles set out in the Privacy Shield (agreement signed between the European Commission and the U.S. Department of Commerce that imposes upon US companies receiving personal data collected in the European Union special safeguarding and precautionary obligations).

  5. Rights of data subjects

    Users of the gaming platform, regardless of the quality in which they act, are guaranteed the right to information, access, rectification, withdrawal of consent, opposition to processing for the purposes specified above, deletion, limitation and portability of the personal data they have transmitted.
    The aforementioned rights of users may be exercised at any and all times, interested parties need only send such requests in writing to GALACTIC SHEEP, UNIPESSOAL LDA's email address:, giving details of their request.
    Without prejudice to the above, users of the gaming platform who have transmitted their personal data may also submit, whenever they see fit, a complaint to the National Control Authority (National Data Protection Commission – CNPD), whose contacts can be consulted at

  6. Retention period of personal data

    The personal data collected and processed by GALACTIC SHEEP, UNIPESSOAL LDA will be kept for the entire period during which the registration of users on the game platform is active. Once the user's registration in the APP is cancelled, the personal data that he or she has transmitted to GALACTIC SHEEP, UNIPESSOAL LDA will be kept for up to 1 (one) year from that date, except if another retention period arises from the specifically applicable law.
    However, the user of the gaming platform may, at any time, request GALACTIC SHEEP, UNIPESSOAL LDA to delete the personal data that has been transmitted, through the email address provided in point 5 of this Policy.

  7. Purposes associated with the collection and processing of personal data

    The personal data provided will be processed and stored electronically in a database specifically created for this purpose and are mandatory because they are necessary and indispensable for the fulfilment of the following purposes: communications related to the game, namely new features, campaigns or promotions, targeted advertising, and legal framework of the age of the game users and, only when applicable, for delivering prizes to the user's address.

    The personal data collected also depends on the external accounts the user chooses to use, the privacy policy of those accounts, and what their privacy settings with those services allow GALACTIC SHEEP, UNIPESSOAL LDA to see when they use those services to access GALACTIC SHEEP, UNIPESSOAL LDA's services.

    If a user chooses to link their Google account to the services, we will collect their Google email address and an authentication token provided by the user's own Google account.

    If a user chooses to link their Facebook account to the services, we will collect a unique user ID provided by Facebook and, if authorized by the user, their Facebook-registered email address.

    If a user chooses to link their Apple account to the services, we will collect their email address, filed with the Apple ID account, or a relayed private email address if the user chooses "Hide My Email" option provided by Apple.

    Depending on the specific service the user signs up for, we may support other external single login services and collect additional personal data from them.

    Some third-party providers may notify a user that they provide us with additional information, such as your public profile, when you use their single login services. We do not collect this information.

    We use push notifications as a direct communication channel between the mobile app and users, namely, to disseminate offers, but these can be switched off whenever you choose.

    We collect and use device location information as users use our services (they may choose to enable background activity tracking for our services while not directly interacting with the services), including how users move around and events that occur during gameplay. Our services include location-based games, the main functionality of which is to provide a gaming experience linked to your location in the real world; for this reason, we need to know where users are to operate these games and plan the location of in-Game resources. We identify users' locations using a number of technologies, including GPS, the Wi-Fi access points through which users are connected to the service, triangulation of mobile equipment towers.

    We also collect and use users in-game actions and achievements, namely won and/or redeemed vouchers, including their dates, as well as the sweepstakes users participate in and prizes won thereunder, information about a user's mobile device (including device identifiers, device operating system, model, configuration, settings, and information about third-party applications or software installed on a user's device, the latter provided a user authorizes it), in order to operate the services in accordance with the user and personalize the user's experience, as well as to facilitate technical support.

    We also use the above information to show special in-game locations that are close to the user as part of the game experience.

    The in-game username (user-id) can be published on social networks or in the APP itself, if the user has won the reward, as well as in rankings to be presented during certain missions.

    In addition, we have and are guided by a legitimate interest in using your personal data, as follows:

    Using your IP address, browser type, operating system, the internet page you visited before accessing our services, the pages of our services you browsed or the features you used, as well as the time spent on those pages or features, the links of our services you click on, device and advertising identifiers, age, as well as the actions you take during the game, your settings and user preferences in the game, to understand who uses our services and how.

    Using your contact information, more specifically your email address, to communicate with you in order to provide technical support and customer support.

    Using your internal account ID and in-game username in order to assign to your account any user content (such as local points of interest) that you choose to submit to the Planet Free gamified platform through the services.

    Using your email address and device information to share updates and news with you, either within the gameor via email. You can unsubscribe at any time in your device settings or in the application settings.

    Analysing your in-game actions and achievements to show rewards, promotions or other offers on our services, tailored to your personal experience.

    To personalize the ads that users see through our app, make it more relevant to them, and display messages of sponsored gifts and/or offers from our partners relevant to your neighbourhood on the in-game map.

    Users can choose to opt out of personalized ads by going to their device settings and turning on “Limit Ad Tracking” on Apple devices or turning on “Opt Out of Ad Personalization” on Android devices.

    To provide social features within our games so that users can interact and play with other players, including storing their communications, content, and other information shared with those players, finding friends and being found by them, including through imported contacts, and sharing achievements and game experiences with friends. The user can visit the application settings on their mobile phone or in the game app for deactivation options.

    To provide augmented reality experiences, GALACTIC SHEEP, UNIPESSOAL LDA needs to locally derive augmented reality geospatial data from your mobile device's camera.

    If the user chooses to activate the background activity control in the services, GALACTIC SHEEP, UNIPESSOAL LDA will collect the user's personal data as he or she uses the services, as well as in the background when the user does not have the services open on his or her device.

    This includes the location of the user's device and data on their physical activity (e.g., step count, calories burned, and distance travelled). We use background activity tracking to provide users with certain features on the services, such as game items and rewards linked to physical activity level and location, and alerts for nearby game events. Users can change their mind and turn off Background Activity tracking at any time in their device settings or App Settings.

    If a user chooses to authorize the Facebook Friends Permission available in some of our games, GALACTIC SHEEP, UNIPESSOAL LDA will import from their Facebook account the list of friends who also play the game and who have authorized the “Facebook Friends” options. If the user allows this feature, their Facebook profile picture and name on their Facebook account will be visible to friends in the game. Users can change their mind and unfriend other players at any time in the friends settings in the app. Facebook's permissions to our games can also be cancelled by users directly in their Facebook account settings.

    If users choose to add event information, including campaigns and Sweepstakes, from the Planet Free gamified platform or within the game to your mobile calendar, we will, with their permission, access their device calendar and add the events. We do not access or collect any other information from a user's calendar. Access to your calendar can be disabled at any time in your device settings.

    If the user chooses to import device contacts to find out which of their contacts are also using the Planet Free gamified platform and send them friend requests or invite them to join in our games or other aspects of our services, we will periodically synchronize the user's contact information to our servers, including phone number and email. Each user is responsible for ensuring that the collection and sharing of their contact information complies with applicable laws.

    If you choose to upload content to our services, such as photos or videos from your mobile device, we will, with your permission, access your device's camera storage. This can be disabled at any time in the device settings.

  8. Security measures

    GALACTIC SHEEP, UNIPESSOAL LDA is committed to protecting the privacy of users of the gaming platform. Thus, it uses security systems that ensure that any and all personal data that may be transmitted to it by users of the game platform is properly stored and protected, preventing any unauthorized access to these data, as well as the loss, disclosure, destruction of those date or their use beyond the purpose that justified their collection. Specifically, GALACTIC SHEEP, UNIPESSOAL LDA adopts the following security measures:

    • Encryption of the game access password;
    • Mandatory use of a personal password for each user;
    • Ongoing supervision of computer servers in order to reduce any chance of attack or vulnerability.

  9. Cookie Policy

    The mobile app uses Cookies, which are text files that identify the user's computer on GALACTIC SHEEP, UNIPESSOAL LDA's server. The Cookies used do not individually identify the user of the mobile app and, as such, do not constitute a tool for collecting personal data.

  10. Changes to the Privacy Policy

    GALACTIC SHEEP, UNIPESSOAL LDA reserves the right to make changes to this policy as necessary. Whenever this happens, changes will be published in the mobile app.
    Some features in this document may not be available in the current version of the platform, but only in later versions.