Planet Free for Brands

Reach new clients and build loyalty on your existing ones with our unique, engaging gamified platform.

Welcome to Planet Free, a revolution in Loyalty. It’s not just a Loyalty Gamified Platform, it’s also an incredible mobile gaming experience using geolocation. This is a real-world adventure based on brand challenges. For brands, it covers all the conversion funnel. From the upper funnel, with awareness and reputation, to the lower funnel, with conversion.

For users, it’s all about having fun. While playing and engaging with each brand in it's immersive world, the user earns scalable brand rewards. The more valuable they are, more scarce, so more dedication and skills it takes to earn them, with users getting more engaged with the brand.

All of this can be monitored in real time. The location, gender, age, preferences and other parameters for the users/players.

Join Planet Free and experience a new world for campaigns, advertising and events. We are waiting for your Brand.

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